Non-Certificate Audits

Non-Destructive Testing

Semi-Destructive and Non-Destructive Testing of Concrete.

    • Receiving cylindrical samples for the exact determination of the compressive strength of concrete, the depth of carbonation as well as the measurement of PH. (semi-quantitative method)
    • Estimation of the compressive strength of concrete by indirect methods, with the Original Schmidt Live impact tester and with the Pundit 200 – Proceq’s ultrasound method. (non-destructive method)
    • Precise detection of rebar position and thickness as well as overlay thickness with Proceq’s Profometer 650 AI instrument. (non-destructive method)
    • Determine concrete quality by detecting cracks, calculating their size and detecting any discontinuity and cavities inside withPundit 200 – Proceq’s ultrasound method. (non-destructive method)

    We undertake static adequacy studies in the legalization or regularization of buildings as required by Law 4495/2017 and Law 4178/2013 using non-destructive tests.

    • Imprint supporting organization (design and mapping of all structural elements of the building)
    • Quality control of concrete (strength control and quality control of structural elements)
    • Reinforcement control (detection and mapping of reinforcing bars)
    • Modeling of the structure and the assessment of its bearing capacity according to KANEPE & EC8-3
    • Recording possible repair or strengthening operations of the body

    Updating the project Accounting

We use all the appropriate tools and the most modern equipment for proper study and selection of the optimal solution.

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