Project management of large projects and investments

Project management

  1. Project costing – Work estimates and drafting of a project budget table
  2. Elaboration of Work Schedule
  3. Coordination of the working group (Architect, Mechanical Engineer, Hygienist, etc.). Providing all possible and required support, drawing up and following a relevant schedule. Providing on-sitedata and metrics to the architecture team
  4. Market Research and Collection of Offers for Building Projects
  5. Contracts with Contractors, Workshops and Suppliers
  6. Workshop coordination
  7. Recording Tasks until project completion – Adherence to project calendar and schedule
  8. Qualitative and Quantitative Receipt of materials and works
  9. Confirmation of complete compliance of contractors and suppliers with their contractual obligations upon completion of the project
  10. Update of the project Accounting
On Project

We use all the appropriate tools and the most modern equipment for proper study and selection of the optimal solution.

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