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Scattered throughout the mountainous regions of Crete, mitata are vaulted stone buildings used as shepherds’ lodgings and cheese warehouses.

Etymologically, the name “mitato” comes from the Latin word metatum, meaning a military accommodation.

Their construction follows the architecture of the Minoan vaulted tombs, they have a circular plan and are built mainly of stone, but in a few cases wood is also used. The internal diameter of the mitas ranges from 3.5 to 5.5 meters. Inside there are lockers in which to place personal items, terraces for sleeping and the stove (hearth).

Many times they are accompanied by barns and wells and are an integral part of the Cretan cultural heritage.

GLAMPING (glamorous camping)
A modern form of camping with amenities and services that are not usually associated with camping as we have it in our minds until now. Our goal is to explore the architecture of the archetypal structure and transfer it to a new type of residence. A light structure with main materials metal (frame) and wood (filling elements and decorations), which will function as a place of temporary accommodation. The solid stone of the mitato is translated into the new structure with stone veneer, reproducing its monumental style.

On Project

Creation of an elevated light construction that functions as a gathering place for visitors, with the aim of relaxation. Connecting individual spaces with dirt and wooden paths.

“Ecological Canopy” (Ecological Canopy) Canopy made of light, natural materials (bamboo) that provides shade and functions as a place for sports or non-sports activities, without preventing contact with nature.

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