Construction of a 3* hotel in Melampes


About project

On a plot outside the boundaries of the Melampes settlement, we were asked to design a 3* hotel with 2 common areas and 4 double suites.
To the east of the plot are the common buildings of the structure, with a total area of ​​360 sq.m. The two buildings are placed on a slope, facing the view and in contact, creating a single volume.

Our design responds to new structural practices and materials, while at the same time creating conceptual and morphological links with the past.
One of the central points of the structure is the traditional grape press and the clay vessels with Minoan influences, which the visitor encounters upon entering.

It then meets the central building, which is framed by a frame of stone masonry and slab with a stone overlay, so as to distinguish it from the rest of the volumes. The building houses the reception area, the cafe/bar and their auxiliary functions. In the same area, a traditional raki distiller is exhibited, so that visitors can watch the production process.

On Project

In the basement, large monastic tables and wine barrels are placed for wine tasting activities and tasting of traditional spirits, for a complete experience.

The second building houses the indoor heated swimming pool, as well as its ancillary areas. It has an opening roof made of perforated panels and large sliding windows on the facade, so that it “transforms” in the summer months and harmonizes with the outside space. The surrounding spaces are configured in steps, so that the view is not obstructed at any point.

Then through paths the visitors are divided into the four buildings of the residences which are identical. They are placed at the appropriate levels so that they do not obstruct the view and their roof is planted to harmonize with the surrounding area. Each residence has an area of ​​75 sq.m. and includes two bedrooms with en suite bathroom, kitchen and living room area, as well as a courtyard facing the view.

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