Construction of a two-storey house in Agia Galini


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On a plot of land within the city plan of Agia Galini there is a stone-built building with a tiled roof which consists of a kitchen area and two rooms. In the building in question, we were asked to carry out renovation-maintenance works (painting, painting, flooring and replacement of frames) as well as internal arrangements which will not affect the load-bearing structure of the building, nor the urban planning elements (structure, coverage, height) and to create new kitchen, living room, WC and bedroom areas.

A new two-storey building with a total construction area of ​​117 sq.m. is to be erected to the northwest of the plot. which consists of a ground floor apartment and a first floor apartment. The apartments include a bedroom, WC and a single kitchen-living room.

Access to the ground floor apartment is from the existing entrance to the west of the plot, but also from the central existing entrance to the north of the plot through appropriate stairs in the surrounding area. Access to the apartment (a) floor is directly from the pedestrian street north of the plot and also from the main entrance through the existing staircase of the surrounding area.


From the south balcony of the first-floor apartment, access to its roof is made through an appropriately designed staircase. The scale is smoothly integrated into the facades of the building through vertical metal bars on which planters of decorative plants are placed, as well as around the perimeter of the roof railings to create a “green face”.

In addition, a decorative wall is placed under the eastern passable balcony of the first floor apartment in order to protect and shade the BBQ device. Roofless water tank 2.25 sq.m. and metal pergola 21 sq.m. are placed in the western part of the exterior configuration of the existing residence and a total of 31 sq.m. of the uncovered area of ​​the plot. Where there are no paved surfaces, the ground is planted with suitable endemic plant species of high resistance and in places seasonal flowers are planted.

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